December 13, 2008

Our Jaunt to the Ward Party

Tonight we were going to go to a ward Christmas party in our new ward (see below for story of finding the new ward). We had only been to the ward once and we were excited to be able to meet new people and start making friends. The party was at Aspen Grove, which is in Provo canyon by the Sundance ski resort, so it is about half an hour away from our house. The weather wasn't very pleasant today either, as this is the first day that it has snowed in Provo all year pretty much. We really wanted to go to the party though, so we braved the snow and drove up the canyon to Aspen Grove. Neither of us had ever been there before, so we weren't sure of where to go exactly. Once we arrived we ended up driving around for a while looking like fools because we had no idea what we were doing and everywhere we went seemed like the wrong place. Finally some kind decided to help us and he told us that the ward party had actually been cancelled and that even if we were going to go to a ward party we were in the wrong place anyway. So after driving all that way in the snow we turned around and went straight back home. At least the scenery was beautiful?!

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