July 31, 2009

a new beginning

well, i suppose it's time to take this seriously. we've had this blog for some time, but we are too busy to update it. ok, i lied. we're just lazy. but if any of you enjoy reading blogs as much as we do, and you lives are half as exciting as ours, you deserve to know what goes on in the life of todd and lisa glazier. so, lisa has bestowed upon me, todd, the responsibility of keeping this up to date. as such, i decided that it was important that the blog have a more macho look to it. black and blue are fitting, no? of course i had to have some element of girliness, so i made sure there was some floral pattern subtly in the background for lisa. i'm sure lisa will occasionally contribute to the blog as well, and so you can always know when she is writing because she takes time to use proper grammar and capitalize letters. i'm way to scatterbrained to worry about that kind of stuff, my thoughts move to quickly. so with a proper explanation of our delay, let the blogging begin.

so, lately we've just both been working like crazy. lisa is finishing her last 20 days (she has a countdown on her ipod touch) at a doctor's office that deals with drug addicts and pain management - i'm sure you can imagine the pleasant folk that come through there. i've been working at the MTC in the development department working as a graphic designer making things like this
it is such a fun job and i really enjoy the environment at the MTC. the people there are a lot more goofy and crazy than you would think. however, in about 3 weeks, lisa and i will both be heading back to school. lisa to get ready for dental hygiene school and me to finish school in the graphic design program at BYU. after going through our budget for the next 9 months of school and life, we are beginning to understand just how expensive 2 people in school at the same time is. however, uncle sam is writing both of us a big fat grant check so that should seriously help out our situation. but we're definitely excited and we are going to be keeping busy with church callings, part time jobs, school and of course being awesome. in brief, life is good and we're having a good time. isn't that the way it should be?

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Jeff said...

I'm excited that I just discovered your blog. I hope you write lots because I like to hear about good adventures.