December 13, 2008

The Great Bathroom Disasters of '07 and '08

Last year, when Todd and I were dating, we made spaghetti for dinner one night at his apartment. We were about to start eating when I had a sudden call from nature and could not resist the urge. I went and used the restroom (#1 and uneventful). Then when I flushed the toilet, the water kept building up and building up and building up, until it started gushing out over the sides all over on the floor. I didn't know what to do. I panicked. It wasn't my house, I didn't know where the plunger was, and I didn't want to wade through the overflowing river to get to the toilet to shut off the water or anything. I mean that is gross. So what did I do instead? I started yelling for Todd and pounding on the door of the bathroom screaming for help while I was standing on the only dry spot in the room which was the mat on the floor. It was what I later called "my island of despair in a sea of overflowing toilets." Meanwhile Todd is sitting out in the living room wondering how soon it will be until he can eat the delicious food we cooked, only to be disturbed by my cries of help. He ran to my aid, grabbed a towel and started mopping everything up as quickly as possible. Luckily the toilet had stopped gushing of its own accord by this time, but it was still going long enough to have the water flood into the hallway and almost onto the carpet in the living room. We cleaned it all up and after we stopped laughing our heads off we were able to finish our spaghetti. However, if I could help it, I just used my own bathroom before I went to his apartment from then on.

We figure that we will have some sort of bathroom mishap each year, and this year's happened this morning. Last night I left a bottle of benzoin tincture (which is a liquid medicine my dentist gave me after an oral surgery for use on sores in your mouth) open on the counter because I was using it, but then I was extremely tired so I didn't realize that I left it there. Then this morning when Todd went into the bathroom, he didn't see it and accidentally knocked it on the floor. The medicine, which is pretty foul smelling I might add, spilled all over the floor, the counter, and the cupboards. After I heard his cry of dismay I went in to help clean it up. It is pretty strong stuff and as soon as it landed on the cupboards it started eating through the paint. It has a very dark color and it gets really sticky when it dries at all, so our bathroom turned into a giant sticky smelly mess. It has an alcohol base so we got some alcohol (the medicinal kind of course) and started cleaning it off everything. It came right off the floor, and counter, and luckily the cupboards were white underneath so even though it took off the paint, you can't really tell. The smell sadly hasn't really gone away so we are still left with that pleasantness, but at least it is relatively back to normal now.

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Jeff said...

I'm excited to hear about the bathroom disaster of '09. I hope it's the best one of all.