December 13, 2008

Finding Our Ward

We recently moved into a new apartment, and it has been rather an adventure trying to get into the right ward. The first week we decided to try out the married student ward since we had never been to one before and we thought it might be nice for a change. We looked up the location online, went on Sunday....and then we thought we might see how the family ward was just for comparison. The next week we went to the family ward. There were nice people there of course, but it came down to a decision of what ward we felt least awkward in since neither of them were nearly as awesome as our old ward. We ended up deciding that the student ward would be the best for us and so the next week we planned to attend that ward again. I thought I should double check the time and location to make sure we were in the right place and it turned out that there were actually two chapels in the same building and that we had gone to the wrong chapel. So the next week we went to the other chapel and felt as though we were finally in the right place. After sacrament meeting we went and talked to the bishop and filled out the usual new member sheets. After we had already given them our names and phone numbers and had written them up on big white board for everyone to see, they figured out that the online information was wrong and that we were supposed to be in a different ward in the stake. Well, third times the charm right? We finally met our bishop and went to our final ward the next week. Sigh of relief.

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