April 10, 2011

Ten Things I Love about Disneyland

Todd and I have decided we will take turns blogging each week, and this week it is my turn. There are a lot of things going on in our lives now with moving and finishing classes, etc., but that is all kind of boring. What I really wish we could do is go to Disneyland! As you may know, we both LOVE Disneyland (and Disney in general) and we try to go there as often as possible. At the end of this semester, we will have time off and enough money saved up to go, but sadly the timing is off. We have both felt like it would be a good idea to wait until the fall to go when things aren't quite so crazy. We are both sad, but it is all for the best. But just because we aren't going doesn't mean that we have stopped thinking about it.

In fact, we think about it every day, several times a day because we recently bought "A Musical History of Disneyland," which has the music from most of the rides and songs they play throughout the park. It has changed my life! I feel like I can close my eyes and be in the Tiki Room or on Space Mountain wherever I am. It is awesome!

So today I wanted to share ten things I love about Disneyland. They are in no particular order because there are so many things I love I would never be able to pick what I love the most.

I love leaving behind all my worries and cares and going to a place that is full of magic and wonder.

I especially love being there with my family and the people I love most.

I love knowing where the cameras are and being really dramatic when they are taking your picture on a ride.

And being the center of attention....

I love the "spare no expense" holiday decorations and the exciting night life.

I LOVED the California Adventure food and wine festival when we went in April 2010. They had professional chefs come and teach you how to cook different meals, and also the proper way to eat cheese. All you had to do was wait in line for a little while but everything was free and they gave you pretty good portion sizes, plus a water bottle and note pad. It was all things I love in one. Togetherness, Disneyland, and cheese.

I love having our own boat on Pirates of Caribbean. It is my favorite ride.

I love random places like the Mission tortilla factory where you can get a delicious tortilla and watch a funny little video where little kids tell you where corn came from.

I love meeting the characters.

And I love being a kid again.


Jeff said...

We should all go to Disney Land together sometime. That is how I feel.

Robyn said...

I was thinking EXACTLY what Jeff said. That is it, we must all go to Disneyland together sometime! It is a GREAT place. My favorite part is having the feeling of never being board of doing fun things. I could ride any of the rides a hundred times and still be happy (well maybe not the Haunted Mansion, I am a bit of a wimp still).

Todd said...

We are ALWAYS game for a Disney trip. If we play our cards right, we might be heading to Florida in the fall... but we shall see. I love the smells as Disneyland, they are very evocative.